International Missions

We live in days where every believer has the opportunity to participate hands-on in reaching the lost, winning souls and making disciples of all nations. We have the privilege to equip and empower individuals and nations to represent the Kingdom of God in their world. Whether you go, or send the ones who go, there is a place for you to enter a place bigger than your own.


We are partnering with KingdomCity in their amazing new plant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This church is already touching lives across the city, and will provide safe accommodation for students and other young people as part of the initiative. Harbourside is partnering by resourcing both financially, and with teams going over to assist with whatever is needed. If you are interested in being a part of what God is doing in Cambodia, contact us at 

Kiwis for the Himalayas – India

Kiwis for the Himalayas is a New Zealand-based charitable organisation which works in partnership with a Nepali / Indian team in the north-east Indian state of West Bengal. The multi-faceted ministry exists to feed, clothe and educate children; to provide medical care through a dispensary and mobile clinic servicing thousands of villagers, and to provide job opportunities for women caught in the poverty cycle. An evangelist/church planting school has also been established on site to bring spiritual transformation to hundreds of nearby regions.

David McCracken Ministries

David is a well respected Prophet of God who walks with integrity and godly character. David’s passion is for the Church to live in this place of intimacy with the Father and see that reflected in an increase of true spiritual authority. David is received in an apostolic role to many individuals and Churches. Personal mentoring is also a key component of David’s ministry. God has been stirring David’s heart to raise up a generation of Ministers with a prophetic heart who walk intimately with their God, live an overcoming life of spiritual authority, and possess character that is not found wanting. He has dedicated the remaining years of his life to identifying and sowing into such Ministers and being an apostolic and prophetic voice to the Body of Christ.

Proton Foundation – Ian Green

Ian Green is a visionary leader and founder of The Proton Foundation. Ian has spent more than two decades of his life finding and creating innovative paths for the people of Europe to receive love, hope and a future through Jesus Christ. His relentless passion has seen over 130 churches planted and 7000 leaders systematically trained. Additionally thousands have been involved on a short term basis in cities and towns across Europe resulting in movements of young and emerging leaders coming to take their place in the advancement of the cause of Jesus. Ian is a sought after conference speaker who travels internationally on a regular basis. Ian’s pioneer gifting enables him to impart faith and vision from God’s Word in a vibrant and inspiring manner and he is actively fulfilling his vision to see positive cultures created in cities and communities around the globe.

Kem Price

Pastor Kem Price is an apostolic leader, preacher and pastor who travel throughout New Zealand and internationally, to assist and strengthen the local churches and missionaries. In his words, "Visiting churches is stimulating. Pastors are great. Oversight members are keen to contribute out of their experience. I minister regularly in churches, at pastor’s gatherings, and mission conferences; and consistently engage in consultations with ministers, Oversight teams, missionaries and leaders. When I enter a church, I see, hear, observe, discover, enjoy, share, and might I add – experience the spiritual and functional culture the church emulates. Yet, overruling these observations, it is the people one connects with."


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