• I Love Listening - To God and to others
  • I Seek Adventure and Truth - The Bible is the greatest adventure story
  • My Words are Powerful - I use them for good
  • What I Believe Changes the World - Nothing is impossible
  • I Belong Here - You can sit with me!

Registration at our check-in desk opens 15 minutes before each service. Here you can sign in your child, get their name sticker, and get your collection number. From there, we all head into the auditorium for praise and worship.

ARROWS kids lead from the front - we all love to praise and worship together, so it’s great if you sit near the front too! Our children are released from the platform and then head to their programmes. Please note that due to health and safety regulations, a caregiver must remain on the church site at all times during the morning. Thank you so much!

Our ARROWS age ranges are as follows:

  • Parents' Room
  • Walking - 3 years
  • 4 - 7 years
  • 8 - 11 years
  • Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team exists to develop children as leaders. It is open to children 8+ and takes place each Sunday at 9:30am.

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