Transform Marketplace

Have you ever turned up to your job, sports club, parents group, school or university and wondered how you could change the culture around you so that it started to reflect the Kingdom of God? Are you interested in being part of changing our city and nation?

No matter what you do or what field you're in, you can be involved - whether that be working or volunteering in education, business (big or small), retail, sales & marketing, arts & entertainment, technology, health, government, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations),sports, church or family. These places you spend so much time in are valuable and important. You are positioned strategically and called to be part of influencing those around you, bringing a different perspective -a Kingdom perspective.

Transform Marketplace, as an expression of Harbourside Church, is about equipping and empowering you to represent and advance the Kingdom of God, including all facets of the supernatural empowering of the Holy Spirit, and releasing it in all areas of your world.

If you have ever asked yourself, "What exactly is the Kingdom of God? How do I engage with the Holy Spirit in my daily life? What is my role in expressing the Kingdom? How do I bring an alternate view without evangelising? Where do I start?", then this is for you. This is a collective set up to take what you learn on a Sunday and apply it to your everyday life in a tangible and real way.

We host events throughout the year featuring guest speakers from different spheres of society to equip and inspire you to bring change to your world. For more info, or to stay updated with upcoming events, contact us via the email below.

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